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Welcome to a perfect ceremony

Are you about to plan a wedding or a funeral, a baby naming ceremony or a vow renewal, and need help to make the day perfect?

I can help.

Are you looking for a uniquely personal ceremony that captures the essence of the people involved, rather than a standard, one-size-fits-all service?

Well, that's where a perfect ceremony comes in.

As a trained celebrant working in North and East Yorkshire, I design and lead beautiful civil ceremonies crafted especially for each individual, couple or family.

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I'm an expert when it comes to words. I've had an award-winning career as a writer and editor, and my experience and expertise mean I can design and deliver ceremonies to remember.

I can offer guidance on every aspect of the day, whether you need to find a beautiful reading, want me to write and deliver a very special eulogy, require guidance on the order of service or would love some help writing your vows.

As your celebrant I'm here to help create a ceremony that you and your loved ones can be proud of - a day that is personal in every way.

Why choose me?

My job is to find out what matters to you, then design a ceremony that is exactly right. Whatever you're planning, I will lead your ceremony with confidence and ensure your occasion is perfect in every way.

Please take a look through my website for lots more information - and feel free to contact me for a chat.

Mandy Appleyard, Civil Celebrant


I understand this is a difficult time, so I will come to your home to talk to you about your loved one and the sort of funeral you want for them. I will write a tribute and the script for the service, then deliver it for you on the day. I can also help with choosing readings and poems. The result? A uniquely beautiful and totally personal occasion.


I will help you get creative for the biggest day of your life. I'll be by your side to ensure it's a perfect day that feels special in every detail. A celebrant can't marry you - that's the work of clergy or a council registrar - but I can craft and deliver for you a wedding celebration you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

baby naming

If you want to make a commitment to being responsible and loving parents to your child but know that a religious ceremony isn't right for you, a naming ceremony is the perfect get-together. I meet you and guide you through choosing music, poems and any special rituals you might like. I then lead the way on the day as you share your love and dedication in the company of family and friends.

vow renewals

Renewing your vows is a lovely way to celebrate your marriage all over again. Your ceremony can include your original wedding vows, or we can work together to write new vows which reflect your years of marriage. I can advise on romantic rituals, reading and music, so your day feels unique in every way.


Music, beautiful readings, the sharing of memories, a touching eulogy - these are among the elements which make up a memorial service to remember. If your loved one has already been buried or cremated, a memorial service is a chance to remember and honour them in the most personal of ways. I can help you with every step of that journey.


Mandy wrote the most beautiful eulogy for my late father's memorial service: she found poetry in his life that I didn't even know was there, and truly told the story of his life as if she had always known him. I found her warm and empathetic, and she offered us comfort and reassurance from the moment she came to our house to talk to us, right through the memorial ceremony itself. She is brilliant at what she does, and we feel lucky that she was involved in our service.


B and I would like to thank you so much for the service you conducted for our Dad today. We thought it was a lovely service and an accurate summary of his life and this came across really well the way you delivered it. It made our day so much easier to cope with. We would certainly recommend you to anyone who requires the services of a celebrant. We are so grateful to you for conducting the service.

JS and BF

Just wanted to say thank you again for the service, and the time and effort you put into crafting the service. It was a really lovely speech, and perfect poems. You made it really easy to bring the service together at such a difficult time, and we appreciate everything you did.


l would like to thank Mandy for a lovely and brilliant eulogy/ tribute for my dear wife P. I met Mandy a week before the service, she came to my home and straight away put me at my ease, then l talked about my wife Pam in great detail and Mandy just listened, which I appreciated very much. After a few questions Mandy had all that was needed for the service. Mandy is a caring and talented celebrant and organiser and helped me through a difficult time for me personally. Thank you, Mandy, very much indeed.


We would just like to thank you, Mandy. You delivered a perfect service for our mum on May 9th. You delivered the service with such kindness and care. Your support meant so much to our family and helped us get through the saddest occasion.

A, D and L

Telling someone's story with empathy and warmth is a real skill and not everyone can do it. But Mandy is one of the best. She has a genuine interest in people - their lives, their loves, their unique experiences - and she is brilliant at conveying those memories beautifully to an audience. If you need a celebrant who will find exactly the right words for you or your loved ones, she is perfect for the occasion.

Jill Foster

Mandy creates a beautifully unique service. Her creativity and exquisite writing style make for a truly heartfelt and individual ceremony. I felt immediately at ease in her company, and her warmth and compassion shine through. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a celebrant.

Clare Priestman

Mandy wrote a beautifully-observed eulogy for the late Brenda Barlow and delivered it in a way that was warm, heartfelt and compelling. Mandy's natural empathy and the smile in her voice mean her delivery has a kindness that can bring comfort to a family at their time of loss. Mandy's care and attention to detail shine through. She creates perfect ceremonies.

Sigrid Hunter

Mandy has a sensitivity and a lightness of touch that seem effortless but take incredible skill. She brings rare talent to her work as a celebrant.

Antonia Hoyle

Mandy cares passionately about writing and about people, which is a winning combination.

Jane Johnson

Mandy works sensitively and thoroughly, bringing a polish, depth and emotional resonance to her work. She's a dream to work with, always finding extra depth in the words she chooses. She's tactful, probing and a lovely person, all in equal measure.

Samantha Brick

Mandy is warm, articulate, curious and a wordsmith of the highest order. She will bring all her skills as an award-winning writer to your ceremony, whatever life event it is Mandy is sharing with you and your friends and family.

Jan Patience

It must be hard to create a eulogy for someone you didn't know, but what Mandy wrote about my mum would make you think they were best friends. Mandy has a beautiful way with words and is very creative; the service she provides is personal and caring at what is a difficult time. Mandy is a very kind person and has a way of putting you at ease. When it came the day of my mum's funeral, Mandy was there at every step and delivered such a beautiful eulogy in the most perfect of ways. So would I recommend Mandy? Yes, without a shadow of a doubt. Thank you so much what you did for us: it means a lot.


Mandy prepared the eulogy for my late wife and it couldn't have been more beautiful or more fitting. It was as if my wife was telling Mandy what to say throughout the whole service. It was heartfelt and very well thought out, from when my wife was a child right up to when she met me. It was as if Mandy was walking side by side with us throughout our relationship and then our marriage. The way Mandy wrote the eulogy was so comforting to hear. Mandy really did make the service about my wife and her life which was very special. I would certainly recommend Mandy to anyone who wanted a Celebrant for a loved one's service.